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Guideline for activities on the days of the week:

Daily Opening and Closing Times (Mon - Fri)
Opening time: 7:15am
Pupils are expected in school from 7:20am and not later than 7:40am
Closing time: 3:00pm
Parents should start picking up their wards at 3:05pm and not later than 4:00pm
Long Break: 10:00am
Snacks Break: 1:30pm
Daily Prayer
Morning Assembly/Devotion: 7:30am
Angelus: 12:00pm (Mid-Day)
Closing Prayer (Devine Mercy): 2:50pm
School Uniforms and Foot Wears
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: school uniform and our customized shoe
Wednesday: sports wear and white canvas
Friday: our customized Buba top on blue jeans and white canvas
Visiting Days/Times
Visiting of the school for enquiry is allowed from Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 2:00pm (only to see administrative staff)
Parents and visitors are not allowed to barge in on teachers or pupils during lesson periods
Hair Style Routine
First week: Clap Together
Second week: Evelyn King
Third week: Shuku and Base
Fourth week: All Back with Base
Fifth week: Thread (Lagos Girl)
We repeat one or more of the above hair styles during the remaining weeks