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Our Academic Organization

For effective impartation and making of future leaders, our 10-year life-transforming learning process is organized in the following 4 core stages:

This class is for 2-year olds.
At the end of this stage, pupils should be able to identify letters and their sounds, numbers, write A - J, 1 - 10, recite their rhymes and carry out simple instructions such as jumping and dancing.
This stage targets 3 to 4-year olds
At the end of this stage, pupils should be able to write all the letters of the alphabet, 1 - 400, numbers in words, 2 to 6-letter words, construct simple sentences, do simple arithmetics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), tell stories and recite their rhymes.
This stage targets 5-year olds
At the end of this stage, pupils should be able to write independently from the board, draw, spell and write their names, read fluently, construct simple sentences, do singular and prural, words and opposite, do arithmetics (including division with and without remainder), attempt reading time on clock face, identify living and non-living things around them, etc.
This stage targets 6-year olds and above
At the end of this stage, pupils should be able to tell time of the day, carry out harder arithmetics, write words correctly, composition, complex sentences involving different parts of speech, read and understand simple comprehension passage, differentiate between wild and domestic animals, etc.


EHJMS Magbon practises a blended educational system; we combine academics with extra curricula activities to ensure the child is developed physically, morally, intelectually, culturally and spiritually. To that end, we have the following clubs and societies:

  1. Red Cross
  2. Boys and Girls Brigade
  3. Jet Club
  4. ICT Club
  5. Choir
  6. Literary and Debating Society

Our Regular Competitions

EHJMS Magbon participates in regular internal and external competitions to bring out the best in our children and reward excellency. The underlisted are some of the competitions:

  1. Diocese competitions
  2. ICT Competency competitions
  3. Catholic Schools Mock Exam
  4. Spelling competition (internal)
  5. Quiz competition
  6. Debating competition
  7. Singing competition