Admission in Progress! >>>>>> Entrance Exam, 1ST BATCH: 17th of July, 2021 >>>>>> 2ND BATCH: 3rd of Sept, 2021 >>>>>> 3rd BATCH: 17th of Sept, 2021, >>>>>>

Admission is in Progress

We admit children into the following classes; provided they meet the underlisted criteria for admission into the intended class:

  1. Pre-Nursery
  2. Nursery 1 and 2
  3. Pre-Primary
  4. Primary 1 to 6

Admission Criteria

  1. We only admit new students in 1st and 2nd terms
  2. Admission form must be obtained, filled and submitted to the school
  3. The child must undergo qualifying entrance examination for the class of interest
  4. School fee must be paid before resumption
  5. All school wears and books must be obtained from the school